About Us

Tailors in Stone

Just like commissioning a bespoke suit from a master tailor on Savile Row, our service is built around the unique requirements of your project. From the initial selection of each slab to the final exquisite installation, we bring craftsmanship, precision and passion to all things stone.


Our Promise

Our offering was brought to life through a desperate need for consistency and quality control, carving a transparent path through a notoriously opaque market.

Our team of outstanding experts takes great pride in what we do and loves a design challenge. Whether we're collaborating on a complex installation or a special piece of furniture, we recognise the need to keep you abreast of the journey at every stage.

Above all, we deliver on our promises. In fact, that is our mantra.

No Stone Unturned

Professional and skilled, we are obsessed with detail, working alongside your teams to deliver a seamless white-glove experience.