The Wave Collection: The Impossible. Made Possible.

A remarkable collection of limited-edition collectible works in stone exclusively designed by Tollgard for The Refined Workshop.

GRAVITY. A defiant force of nature, driving objects of mass together. This natural phenomenon serves as the inspiration behind Tollgard’s first collection of functional sculpture for The Refined Workshop. Exploring the gravitational attraction of objects around us, designers Staffan Tollgård and Filippo Castellani were moved to reinterpret convention and push the limits of material traditions.

Following an exclusive preview at FOCUS/21, the Wave Collection will officially launch with Frieze on Wednesday 13th October 2021. A curated exhibition of Artist’s Proofs from the collection will be presented as part of an exclusive event at The May Fair Hotel, London.

The exhibition will be available to view from:

Wednesday 13th – Sunday 17th October.

Tailors in stone, The Refined Workshop worked to realise this vision with The Wave Collection. A series in marble, the collection features tables and objects that defy rules and turn assumptions on their head. Part of the Cheevers Poole family, the pioneering artisans at The Refined Workshop share Tollgard’s commitment to excellence in design and authentic craftsmanship.

A juxtaposition of soft curves and inherent strength, The Wave Collection highlights the importance of every surface within a design. These masterpieces bring intrigue to an otherwise overlooked surface - the underside of the tabletop - and are as much about what is absent as what is present. Seamlessly slotting together, the top gently rests on a graduated elliptical base. This collection achieves extraordinary complexity with apparent simplicity.

Beneath the surface of the design lies another story of history and power expressed in the stone itself. A Slovenian beauty that presents soft monochromatic hues elegantly dancing across the surface.

To create heirloom works from this rare and fragile material, The Refined Workshop merged artistry and engineering via 5-point CNC machinery. Technical excellence allows for a visually impossible effect, with the slimmest of supports holding a monumental marble top.

Carved into being is a collection that celebrates rebellious design, impeccable craft and the infinite wonder of nature’s most beautiful material.



The Wave console table expresses an elegant form, impeccably carved into being with one of the most prized natural stones in the world. A masterly combination of great design, authentic craftsmanship and innovative engineering.


The Wave bench sits at the nexus of functional sculpture, inviting physical engagement with a piece of art engineered from one of the most striking and fascinating natural stones in the world.



Sculptural and subtle in their expression, the Wave vases capture the essence of the collection perfectly. Each of these contemporary masterpieces presents a distinctively architectural quality through its wave-inspired surface.


Storing hidden treasures in the most elegant of forms, the Wave boxes are intricately crafted using one of nature’s most fascinating materials. The soft curves of the wave bring this piece to life, connecting the lid and its base seamlessly. A truly functional sculpture.


To be filled with interesting treasures, the Wave bowls are sculptural pieces that are intricately crafted using one of nature’s most fascinating materials. The soft curves of the wave bring this piece to life, making it a truly functional sculpture.


A pioneering artisan stonemasonry business breathing new life into a traditional trade. With vast experience spanning marble design, procurement, manufacture and installation, our service is completely tailored to the unique requirements of each project. From the initial selection of each bespoke slab to the detailed design and delivery of every exceptional object, we bring craftsmanship, precision and passion to all things stone.


Award-winning interior and product designer, Staffan Tollgård was born and raised in Stockholm. He uses his earlier career in film-making as inspiration, manifesting his passion for story-telling through his interior design projects as well as product design ventures. Staffan’s design ethos is crystallised in two principles: the search for the Scandinavian notion of the distinctive ‘red thread’, or creative DNA, in each project, and the commitment to the creation of functional sculpture.

Working alongside Design Director Filippo Castellani, Staffan strives to tell the story of the piece instead of the story of the space. The direct, focused narrative of each piece offers an answer to a question of living that the interior design journey has uncovered.


Kindred spirits in their love of authentic craft and design excellence, The Refined Workshop and Tollgard’s shared values laid the foundations for the Wave collection. Two brands, rich in expertise and ideas found a new sense of freedom with this collaboration, enjoying the chance to bring to life something beautifully impossible.

"Masters of their craft are always a joy to work with. The Refined Workshop combine engineering and artistry and it has been a pleasure and a privilege to bring the Wave Collection to life with them. They have taken our mantra of making the impossible, possible effortlessly into their stride. For the next collection we will try and make life even harder for them - they thrive on a design challenge.”

Staffan Tollgård, Founder & Creative Director

“Connoisseurs of proportion, with many avid collectors around the world, Staffan and Castellani have surpassed our expectations with the Wave Collection. Pushing the boundaries of design in stone, these are majestic works with an enduring narrative for our discerning clients to treasure and pass down the generations. We look forward to the next challenge Staffan and his team present us with!”

Jessica Barrington, Managing Director of Collections, The Refined Workshop


Exclusive partner for The Wave Collection launch, the May Fair Hotel’s rich heritage and passion for design excellence make it the perfect residence for the Wave Collection Artist’s Proofs. The marble works will take centre stage in The May Fair’s expansive windows, to be enjoyed equally by enchanted guests and captivated passersby.

The May Fair began its history in the 1920s, announcing itself to the world with suitably royal fanfare. Over the centuries it has played hosts to some of the world’s most exclusive events and celebrated names in fashion, art, and film. Today it sits under Edwardian Hotels London, one of the UK’s largest privately owned hotel groups, founded by Jasminder Singh OBE in 1977. The portfolio encompasses a wealth of upscale five- and four-star luxury hotels, including celebrated new launch, The Londoner, alongside The May Fair.

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